Five Priorities of our Parish

For the next Five Years we have identified five priorities to more fully realize our purpose:

1.     We believe God is calling us to be a vibrant community of followers of Jesus Christ, faithful in our baptismal covenant, transformed to offer our time, our gifts, and our finances for Christ and Christ’s church, from generation to generation.

2.     We believe God is calling us (as a community) to embrace a way of being Christian, which includes Christ-centered spiritual formation: from Baptism until the end of earthly life, from generation to generation.

3.     We believe God is calling us to be more outward positioned in God’s world:

* To engage those members who are known to us but we no longer see, some of whom are   family members of our own people.

* To learn about, know and engage the people of our neighbourhood and the world in which they live.

4.     We believe God is calling us to develop a new readiness to welcome, love and serve those not yet known to us.

5.     We believe God is calling us to learn and invest in new ways of communication that are common to the generation in which we live, and strengthen existing ways of communication common to our parish community (website, newsletter, signs).

(April, 2015)