Version 2The Rev. Liz Richens has been pleased to call St. Stephen’s home since 2015.

She has a husband, young son and a very full life.

With a background in Anthropology (B.A.) and experience in archaeology, Clinical Pastoral Education, labour/factory work, business and clerical work as well as a life time of ministry experience as Lay person and clergy Rev. Liz has a down to earth understanding of life and theology.

Her global travels and the many different places she has lived gives her the blessing of a multicultural understanding and the ability to see things from an inside and outside perspective.

Rev. Liz enjoys reading, the domestic arts, travel, liturgy, teaching and the great outdoors.

She has been ordained since 2008 and has served a number of parishes in Winnipeg and Toronto and as University chaplain (interim), Trinity College Toronto.

Check out her blog as well at The Labyrinthine Way.